Project: Bangarang Books
Client: Bangarang Books
Method: Augmented Reality


Bangarang Books™ will change the way you see books, literally. Beautifully written stories are coupled with vibrant, alluring illustrations by award-winning authors and illustrators. Yet what makes these books stand out is our Bangarang INkMOTION™ 3D technology that brings our books to life for our readers.


Our INkMOTION™ technology lets you dynamically experience bangarang stories through 4 different ways:

Hear the voices of your favorite characters as they are narrated to you in your pick of several widely spoken languages including English, Spanish, French, and Arabic!

When your screen is marked with POP™ in the top right corner of the INkMOTION™ viewer, interactive content pops off the page breaking out into the world around you

PEEK™ marked pages allow you to take a glimpse into the pages themselves. Watch as the words you're reading visually come to life through these animated vignettes.

GO™ marked pages take you on a journey into the books themselves. Fully immerse yourself in the 3D environments you are reading about, and feel like you are in the action!