Project: Euretina Congress Experience
Client: W2O
Method: Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the perfect tool to demonstrate the life changing effects of visual impairment caused by diabetes.

Five unique virtual reality experiences were built for the Euretina Congress in Nice, France.

For three of the experiences we created breathtaking natural vistas - the pyramids of Egypt, the Northern Light and a mountain-side waterfall at dusk. The environments were brought to life with rich visual effects such as realtime lighting, fog, dust, twinkling stars and animated water. As a viewer absorbs the atmosphere dark spots begin to appear within the viewers gaze demonstrating the loss of vision cased by diabetes.

The final two experiences give a user a firsthand perspective on living with the disease. We created a fully interactive VR kitchen (domestic) and classroom (work) which a user could explore and in he process uncover the challenge of living with diabetes.